[hcflinux] hcfpcimodem and udev filesystem

Wojciech Kazubski wk at ire.pw.edu.pl
Mon Nov 15 16:17:00 EST 2004

I have some problem on Fedora Core 3 with hcf modem
The udev creates new /dev filesystem at every boot time, erasing the link 
created by hcfpciconfig and modem cannot be accessed by kppp, which in turn 
cannot use arbitrary modem name without rebuild (I can only use some 
predefined device names as /dev/ttyS0..7, /dev/modem and some others).

I think that the simplest solution wold be a test for presence of /dev/modem 
and regenerating it if not found, placed in modem initialisztion script.

Wojciech Kazubski

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