[hcflinux] problem on mandrake 10.0

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Mon Nov 15 15:57:56 EST 2004


it is possible that all these problems are related to 'udev' which is 
present on Mandrakelinux 10. Please try with the latest version of the 
HCF PCI driver, this new version adds improved support for 'udev'. You 
can download this new release of the HCF driver download page at :



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Firmicus at ankabut.net wrote:
> Hello,
> After a fresh installation of Mandrake 10.0 Official (plus updates), I have 
> discovered that my old Rockwell/Conexant internal modem would work with a 
> linuxant HCF driver. After installing the following,
> hcfpcimodem-1.01lnxt04111200full_k2.6.3_7mdk-1mdk.i586. 
> <http://www.linuxant.com/drivers/hcf/full/archive/hcfpcimodem-1.01lnxt04111200full/hcfpcimodem-1.01lnxt04111200full_k2.6.3_7mdk-1mdk.i586.rpm.zip?PHPSESSID=0b1d275682bd5b98ec46fd04e0e72b8e>rpm 
> <http://www.linuxant.com/drivers/hcf/full/archive/hcfpcimodem-1.01lnxt04111200full/hcfpcimodem-1.01lnxt04111200full_k2.6.3_7mdk-1mdk.i586.rpm.zip?PHPSESSID=0b1d275682bd5b98ec46fd04e0e72b8e>
> I was able to go online without any problem. However, after my next system 
> bootup, the modem was no longer accessible. Yet the command
> % rchcfpci restart
> made the module again active. Now the problem is that the modem _always_ returns 
> the signal BUSY after dialling. I have made all possible efforts to solve this 
> issue (reinstalling, compiling, disabling acpi and apic, etc), all to no avail. 
> Internet searches likewise did not yield any useful hint.
> Does anyone have any idea? I hope I could avoid buying a non-winmodem, since I 
> need to use dialup access only for a few months.
> Thanks in advance
> François C
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