[hcflinux] "The line is busy"

P at draigBrady.com P at draigBrady.com
Mon Dec 13 17:09:30 EST 2004

Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
> Hi,
> I expect that you have tried all the steps described in the post you 
> have sent a link to.

Not yet. I just want to get as much
info as possible before I make the trip.
However the following response from Justina worries me:

Justina> Hello,
Justina> I tried all the hints in the help from Linuxant:
Justina> changing the device from ttySL0 to ttySHCF0,
Justina> I have the right country installed,
Justina> in YaST I tiped "AT &F X3" at Init-String 1, also tried in
Justina> String 2 and 3, in different positons and variations
Justina> also booted with pci=noacpi
Justina> NOTHING worked, I did not use Linux since then, because its
Justina> useless, if I cannot connect to the internet.
Justina> If you get the solution - please let me know.
Justina> Bye !

> Do you obtain the busy error message before you dial or after?

After. I used the smartlink modem on my laptop
to connect fine. Exact same wvdial settings.

> You could 
> also try with a different dialing program to see if there is a difference.

fair enough.


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