[hcflinux] How do I move the modem to the final motherboard?

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Tue Feb 22 09:44:40 EST 2005


if you move the modem to a new machine, the registration ID will change 
and it will make the license becomes invalid. If you change the 
motherboard or "flash" the BIOS, the registration ID will also change. 
In this case, please contact our support team at support at linuxant.com 
and we will generate a new license.

However, the licenses are not kernel nor Linux OS specific so when you 
will upgrade to a (future) Linux 2.8 kernel, the license will continue 
to work fine.

If you need a large volume of licenses, it might be possible to obtain 
more flexible licensing terms and you will not have this problem when 
you will move the modem to a new machine. In this case, you could 
contact licensing at linuxant.com for more information.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

George Blat wrote:
> I develop systems using PC's and Linux (generally). Until now I did not 
> need a modem.
> I develop the software on my AMD x86_64 using the excuse that it may 
> make me more productive,
> and then deliver systems that normally don't need that processor speed, 
> so I use motherboards with a
> Duron 1.6Ghz which is more than enough.
> This time I did need a modem, and realized that Linux is really at a 
> disadvantage in that area. Fortuntely
> I found Linuxant and bought a license, allowing me to come close to the 
> end of the development. Now comes
> the problem: When I move the modem to the Duron system your software 
> does not honor the license.
> This is a real problem, not only in the cost, but on the time lost. 
> Please let me know what to do. I believe that
> your software should work wherever I move the modem. The modem I use is 
> out of production, so there is no
> question of using your software in more than one system. I could not buy 
> the same modem even if I wanted to.
> And next is the question of what will happen when we go to the future 
> kernel 2.8, which I suppose will exist some day.
> Or any other change in the system.
> Please let me know what you suggest. I already saw some other modems 
> that I would rather use, and not have to deal
> with the problem that your software introduces.
> Thanks,
> George Blat
> The AMDX64 license:
> Product name: Modem driver license
> E-mail address: georgeb at brd.com
> Registration ID: 540E-4D38-0E0B
> License key: 30-28-7A-16-80-8E
> The new Registration ID (same modem)
> Config for modem unit 0: /dev/ttySHCF0
>        Device instance: 0-PCI-127a:1002-122d:4002
>        HW revision    : DP Part '71' Rev 'BA' Asic ID 0x210
>        HW profile name: hcfpciv90
>        Registration ID: C28E-9638-AA0B
>        License owner  : georgeb at brd.com
>        License key    : 30-28-7A-16-80-8E
>        License status : FREE (max 14.4kbps data only)
>        Current region : USA (T.35 code: 00B5)
> :
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