[hcflinux] UK caller ID.

Jim Noble mlist at black-metallic.com
Fri Mar 18 17:29:24 EST 2005

I recently got my linux box up and running again after relocating it. 
Installed fedora core 3 afresh from the dvd, then downloaded and 
installed the appropriate hcf kernel module.

Seems to work fine as before, although I see that UK caller ID (BT Style 
[*]) still does not work (using minicom, I see the RING, but no number 
info is reported). Has there been no progress with this?

([*] Rather than "Bell" format the cable companies use.)

I'm using AT+VCID=1 to turn on CID functionality (all the other common 
init strings for CID produce errors, so I presume I have the right one).

It works just fine with Windows XP (and all my other CID aware devices). 
I can supply a fresh dumpdiag if it will be of any help.

I will happily buy the full driver if UK Caller ID can be made to work 
(I will only be using the modem for caller id purposes).

If this is unlikely to happen for whatever reason - no problem. Would be 
useful to know though, so I can bring forward plans to buy an XF100P and 
install Asterisk instead...



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