[hcflinux] dial up hick up

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Wed Apr 6 10:37:26 EDT 2005


when it doesn't work, it seems that the ATDT command is not echoed back 
to the 'chat' process. It is quite possible that the device used by the 
dialing program is not the good one. If your dialing program was 
configured to use the '/dev/modem' device, please try to use the 
'/dev/ttySHCF0' device instead.

If it doesn't work, since you seems to be using a rather old version of 
the HCF PCI driver, you could try with the latest one we provide at:


It's normal that the HCF modules are quite big since a lot of work must 
be done by the driver instead of the modem hardware in the case of a 
controller less (HCF) modem.


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cc cch wrote:
> Hi,
> My dial up program on Redhead 8 recently failed half of the time and
> getting worse. It has been working ok for a year. Details are on the
> attached log files.
> Also when I log on  to the system it has 67m free memory but only 4m
> after I dial ppp successfully or not. I notice hcf drivers are no more
> than 1.5m in size. Is that normal? Thanks
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