[hcflinux] can't connect to internet

sibil sibily seebiloo at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 00:22:51 EDT 2005

Hi team,
My OS is suse 8.0 and the modem is "Generic 56K Hcf Data Fax Modem".
I download the free version driver for that modem from your site and install modem without any problem, then i configure my modem with "Yast2" that is known with unknown modem and then describe my internet account (Tel,username,password) and after that i want dialing with "wvdial" command but after some moment i get these errors:
 " configuration doesn't specify a valid login name"
 " configuration doesn't specify a valid password"
Although i describe username & password before in Yast2.
Would you please how can i solve this problem and connect to internet?

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