[hcflinux] Rebooting on Dial-Up

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Tue Aug 30 12:58:38 EDT 2005


the following PCI IDs:


can have either a HSF or a HCF Conexant chipset and there is no easy way 
to tell which one will be required. The only way to figure out which one 
is required is to install both the HSF and HCF PCI driver and keep 
installed the right driver. In other words, the information provided by 
'lspci', for example, on these modem devices can be wrong.

It is possible that this problem is either the HCF PCI driver or the 
kernel which is crashing. Instead of crashing, it reboots the machine.

You are using an old kernel with a Linux distribution which we do not 
officially support. Can you try with a newer and, if possible, 2.6 
kernel to see if there is a difference? 2.6 kernels can be downloaded from:


Alternatively, you could try with a newer and officially supported Linux 
distribution to see if there is a difference.


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Rachel Ramey wrote:
> I actually have an HSF modem, but received an error at installation for 
> which the recommended solution is the HCF driver.  This driver does 
> work, in that my OS is able to recognize the modem, use it to dial up, 
> etc.  However, I'm having this really strange problem.  When I dial up, 
> the computer prepares the modem, dials up, connects, tells me it's 
> "starting pppd," and then REBOOTS THE COMPUTER!  I'm not sure if this is 
> a problem with the modem/driver or a problem with pppd/kppp.
> I am running ELX 1.0, which uses kernel 2.4.17, and KDE 2.2.2.
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