[hcflinux] NO CARRIER

Luca Scaramella l.scaramella at royalandloyal.com
Tue Oct 25 20:03:25 EDT 2005

I'm trying to use a HCF modem as ppp dialin server but pppd is not responding.

Testing the incoming calls with minicom i've found that the modem gives a RING message but when i give the ATA command , the modem after a while gives a NO CARRIER.
Tested the hcfconfig -i for the country (Italy OK)
Config for modem unit 0: /dev/ttySHCF0
        Device instance: 0-PCI-14f1:1035-1467:d464
        HW revision    : DP Part '74' Rev 'BA' Asic ID 0x85
        HW profile name: hcfpciv90
        Registration ID: 702C-7A16-C1A3
        License owner  : dnardis at recom.it
        License key    : FREE
        License status : FREE (max 14.4kbps data only)
        Current region : ITALY (T.35 code: 0059)

If i use wvdial to test the outgoing calls i experienced the same problem. (NO CARRIER) after a while
Tested every solution found on the net (IRQ problems/Various AT COMMANDS) but the problem is still unresolved.

Any advice??

Luca Scaramella
IT Support    
e-mail: l.scaramella at royalandloyal.com
Tel: +39.0461.244122

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