[hcflinux] Compilation failure with version 1.10full

Alex Lancaster alexl at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 6 12:10:47 EST 2006

>>>>> "J" == Linuxant support (Jonathan)  writes:

J> Hi, a similar build issue was reported with the HSF modem driver
J> when trying to build the driver against a kernel patched with the
J> "suspend2" patch. We have just made available a patch that will
J> probably fix this build issue. It can be installed with the
J> hcfpciconfig --patch' command in a root shell.


Thanks for the prompt response!  I assume this is a patch against the
hcf/hsf sources not the kernel itself, so I don't need to do a full

Also I was wondering which driver (hcf or hsf?) has support for my
chipset, the listmodem.sh script didn't return any matching values,
this is the relevant info from scanModem:

 == Checking PCI IDs through modem chip suppliers ==

 Vendor 104d is Sony. Subsystem 104d:8129 under a 8086:2486 Intel
 modem controller
 has a Conexant chip in a Sony Vaio grx560 laptop.

My laptop is very similar to the one described here:


and according to that page (see the bottom) the codec wasn't (yet)
supported, however that was back in November 2005, so hopefully this
is fixed now.


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