[hcflinux] Semi-success with a "no name" modem

Andreas U. Trottmann andreas.trottmann at werft22.com
Wed Mar 22 09:10:57 EST 2006

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 02:26:28PM -0500, Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:

> you could also try to use the 'AT &F X1' init. string to see if there is 
> a difference.

Indeed it does! After AT&FX1, dialout works as expected! Thank
you very much!

On the "incoming" side, there's a change as well. I was not able
to completely find out the conditions, but it appears that after
at least one outgoing call was made, incoming calls are
recognized and handled correctly.

After configuring the "normal" ATX4, the behaviour is back to
what it was before.

Is there anything that can be tweaked to make it work with X4 as

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