[hcflinux] Package building help needed

robert w hall bobh at n-cantrell.demon.co.uk
Tue May 16 19:05:08 EDT 2006

build the rpm then use rpm2tgz???

In message <446A096A.7000801 at linuxant.com>, Linuxant support (Jonathan)
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>if I understand, you basically want to build pre-compiled package(s) for 
>Slackware. You could use as example the 'rpmdist' and 'debdist' targets 
>of the Makefile in the root of the driver TAR package, we use these to 
>build the pre-compiled RPM and DEB packages available on our web site.
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>Richard Harris wrote:
>> I am using the hcfpci modem driver on a Slackware 10 desktop.
>> I would like to build a package for the driver so that I can
>> reload the box with the driver either ready-to-go or only needing
>> the license key.
>> Has anyone built such a package?
>> Has anyone reloaded the driver in a similar way?
>> Any help here would be appreciated.
>> Richard Harris
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