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the generic package of the driver in the TAR format should be compatible 
with most distributions. A generic package requires that gcc and the 
kernel headers files are installed in order to be used, these packages 
should be available in each Linux distribution used. The generic 
packages contain the source code which is close to the Linux kernel.

The current version of the HCF PCI driver (1.10) is known to work fine 
on kernels from 2.4.18 up to 2.6.17.x.

It is important to note that the licensing of the driver is per modem 
and machine so you can install multiple distributions on the same 
machine and you will be able to use the same license, even if you do not 
use the same driver package on our web site.

Fedora Core 4 is officially supported and if you plan to upgrade the 
kernel, we recommend the use of the generic package in the RPM format of 
the driver. With this package, you will not have to re-install the 
driver after each kernel update as the kernel modules will be 
automatically re-compiled when a new kernel will be booted.

For your specific problem with the 2.6 kernel, please send at 
support at linuxant.com the output of 'dumpdiag'. Type the following in a 
root shell:

hcfpciconfig --dumpdiag

Just send us the generated file located in /tmp ('hcfdiag.txt').
It'll help us solve the problem.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Peter Zoeller wrote:
> Hi:
> I am an instructor that teaches Linux at Conestoga College In Waterloo 
> Ontario Canada.  My system has an AOpen FM56-PX modem installed.  It is 
> a PCI modem that uses the HCF conexant chip.  I run various distros on 
> my system and want a single driver for this modem that will work with 
> all distros using any version of the 2.6 kernel.  Do you have a driver 
> that I can use for that purpose, possibly in the form of source that can 
> be compiled and installed on each system.  It is important to have such 
> a driver since I test various distro's in order to bring to the 
> classroom the info on the differences.    That means I need my modem to 
> work no matter which version or flavour of linux I happen to be running 
> and I certainly can't constantly purchase a full version of a driver 
> everytime the next distro comes out with another version of the 2.6 
> kernel.  I would be happy to purchase the full version of the driver but 
> only once.  As an instructor I need the flexibility to be able to work 
> with my hardware regardless of the kernel version.
> So what do you recommend that I do?  Do you have a generic driver that 
> will do the job that I require?  I have been quite happy with my modem 
> up to this point and am currently using it with a 2.4.22-xfs kernel.  I 
> am looking to upgrade but am afraid to do so and loose my ability to 
> connect to the internet since my students depend on my ability to 
> communicate with me via the net.  My modem ceases to work under the 
> other versions of Linux that I have currently installed which use the 
> 2.6 version of the linux kernel.  I also will be upgrading our lab to 
> the latest Red Hat (core 4) and we have 8 machines that have the same 
> modem installed and connected to a small analog telephone office for the 
> purpose of teaching faxing, and dial-up connections.  I will need to 
> have these modems working even when we teach and do kernel upgrades.  So 
> having a singular driver that works across the board is necessary there 
> as well.  I hate to have to switch products when this product has 
> performed so well up to this point in time in a classroom environment.  
> Most of my students come from industry to learn the ins and outs of Linux.
> regards,
> Peter
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