[hcflinux] False "Busy signal detected" error

zaw - Ipguys zaw at ipguys.com
Wed Sep 13 11:24:01 EDT 2006











I've got error busy signal detected, but the line is not busy at all. Any
idea, I can't hear the speaker even it was on.

I tried  AT &F X1 and check the country code as well.


Unknown speaker volume "on"; using "quiet"

Sep 13 10:24:05 gtivoip03 FaxSend[3102]: MODEM ROCKWELL

Sep 13 10:24:06 gtivoip03 FaxSend[3102]: SEND FAX: JOB 9 DEST 20 COMMID
000000034 DEVICE '/dev/ttySHCF0' FROM 'root <root at gtivoip03>' USER root

Sep 13 10:24:15 gtivoip03 FaxSend[3102]: SEND FAILED: JOB 9 DEST 20 ERR Busy
signal detected

Sep 13 10:24:34 gtivoip03 FaxGetty[2220]: MODEM ROCKWELL


































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