[hcflinux] HCF under 2.6

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Riptide HCF modems are not supported on 2.6 kernels. Like you have 
mentioned, you absolutely need the riptide driver to make the HCF driver 
work in that case and the riptide driver does not work on the 2.6 kernel.

We have not tested the snd-riptide ALSA driver but this driver is 
basically a port of the riptide OSS driver available on our web site as 
far as I know. It is possible that the snd-riptide driver will need some 
minor modifications to add support for the HCF driver.


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Greg Kennedy wrote:
> I have a Rockwell Riptide 56k HCF modem courtesy of my old HP desktop 
> PC.  I am having a hard time following the instructions to get this 
> working under a 2.6 kernel.  When using the installer, I'm told that 
> RIPTIDE drivers only work under 2.2 or 2.4.  I then installed the HCF 
> driver from source only to be told that 'no device was found'.
> I suppose that means I need the RIPTIDE driver first (to get the HCF 
> driver to find the card), which unfortunately is not 2.4 compatible.  I 
> tried using the alsa snd-riptide module (and compiling it in my kernel) 
> to get around needing RIPTIDE, but no dice - still getting 'no device 
> found'.
> Basically my question:  Am I SOL in trying to get the HCF working under 
> 2.6 kernels, or are there some installation steps I can't find to help 
> recognize my card?
> -Greg
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