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I answered your post in private. Issues or questions related to the 
licensing of the drivers should be sent directly to support at linuxant.com.


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lesliek at ozemail.com.au wrote:
> I had my modem in computer A. I was using your driver with a license.
> Computer A broke down. I transferred the modem to computer B and 
> installed your driver. I entered my license number using hcfpciconfig 
> --license, but hcfpciconfig -i still shows I'm limited to the FREE 
> speed. That's confirmed by experience when using the modem, as I am 
> while typing this.
> I found a piece of paper on which I'd written down earlier my license 
> number and also what I've noted as "reg ID for modem unit 0".
> I notice that the registration ID is different now from what it was 
> formerly. Could that be because, as well as switching computers, I also 
> switched from Fedora to Ubuntu? I don't know.
> In any event, am I entitled to use the modem in computer B with my 
> existing license?
> If so, what do I do to achieve that?
> Thank you very much,
> Leslie K
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