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Sun Sep 19 15:40:57 EDT 2010


typically, when the script gets stuck just after "done." it's because 
there's a problem with the modules being inserted into the kernel. 
However, in this case, since it does mention "linksame" if you interrupt 
the script, I suspect that this is something else that is not related to 
the kernel modules.

Please make sure that you have a system installed with the most common 
standard basic tools. In this case, make sure you have "find", "md5sum" 
and "sort" installed. If these tools are not installed, it is quite 
possible that the script gets stuck while reading the standard input for 
data that will never come.


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B Greear wrote:
> I am currently trying to compile HFC PCI 1.21 Full on a Slackware 13.1 
> machine with zero success...
> During compilation it hangs, no errors, just sits at a 'done' statement.
> Upon a CTRL-C i get ...
> ***
> make[1]  *** [cvt/.linksame] Error 130
> make: *** [install interrupt
> ***
> I'm not running the stock kernel, are there any necessary kernel options 
> that are not documented anywhere?
> Any help would be fantastic
> B
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