[hsflinux] Awaiting your response

FREDRICK SAVIMBI fred_savimbi at k.ro
Fri Jan 4 06:53:56 EST 1980

Good Day!
Since, you do not know me and we have never had any personal contact.
 Firstly,let me start by introducing myself properly to you. My name  is Fredrick Savimbi cousin and Personal Assistant to Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, the leader UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola). I got your email address from network directory. I  apologize if I have infringed  on your privacy.

You maybe aware, that my Uncle(Jonas Malheiro Savimbi) was  killed on  friday 22nd February, 2002 in a battle with  the government troops of Angola, led by President Dos Santos. 

Now Mr. Antonio Dembo and General Paulo Lukamba who were my Uncle’s second in command, has assumed office as leader of UNITA. In spite of this, UNITA is like a herd of cattle without shepherd. Prominent members like Carlos Morgado are still lobbying to oust them and assume office as leaders, just  to enrich themselves and some of them who see me as a threat to their ambitions, including General paulo lukamba, are planning to kill me. 

However, I am a young man who has ambitions and I am not in any  way interested in wars, this is why I secretly left Angola for the United Kingdom(UK) to seek asylum.

Besides, I am using this correspondence to  seek and request your assistance and cooperation in a sensitive but highly beneficial  financial arrangement. 

Prior to the death of my uncle, himself and i deposited a huge amount of money in a security company’s vault overseas. The total money deposited with the security company is sixteen million united states dollars(US$16,000,000.00) The funds were arranged into boxes before deposited with the security company But, the security company did not know that the boxes contain money. The boxes were declared to contain family treasure and valuables.

The fact that my uncle is Dead and we  continue to accumulate huge debts daily as long as this boxes remains in the security company’s vault, made me  decided to get  a  partner to proceed as soon as possible to receive these funds for investment purpose. As a young man, i plan to use this money to safeguard my future. It is very essential  that you understand  the kind of trust and confidence I want  to put in you. This is an act of desperation on my part, in order not to loose this money.

For your reliable assistance, if willing, I will reward you with 25% of the money.
As soon as you declare your willingness to assist,  i shall furnish you with the details and information you will need to accomplish this task. Please, be rest assured that this arrangement is absolutely risk free And cannot implicate you in any way. However, I implore you to handle this matter with urgency, utmost secrecy and confidentiality for security and safety reasons, even if you do not intend to execute the project. 
Thank you in  anticipation for your assistance in enabling me achieve this goal. Please contact me whether or not you are interested in assisting me. This will enable me scout for another partner in the event of non-interest on your part.

Your’s  sincerely,

Mr Fredrick Savimbi

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