[hsflinux] HSF module load errors

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Fri Jun 6 08:05:11 EDT 2003

jcreamer at att.net wrote:

> Good news!
>  I got the hsfslinux modem stuff to work again! (and Dazuko module as well)

Good news indeed - also for the others on the list who want to do the same.

>  1) I reluctantly updated the RH8 kernel to the latest 2.4.20-18.8 release
> including downloading the requisite source rpm again. (I AM A GLUTTON FOR
> PUNISHMENT!) (via RH Network) and rebooted and the new kernel came up without
> incident (well, except for having to re-install the NVIDIA video
> drivers).Really... there has to be a better way! MS Windows has it all over
> Linux in this respect and the only reason I tolerate this in Linux is 'cause I
> know how to do it (after several previous video driver re-installs).

When you've worked seriously with Linux for a while and see what it can 
do on a wider scale and in professional environments, who is going for 
it and why and who supports it, you'll be glad. As time goes by, more 
and more desktop stuff will come along and things like this will get 
easier. To me, at any rate, using Linux instead of Windows - however 
good "new" Windows versions might be - means gaining utter power and the 
peace of mind that knowing that no-one's constantly trying to screw me 
when my back's turned brings ;)

>  2) then...Totally unconfigured the network modem (ppp) interface
>  2a) issued the hsfstop command
>  3) rpm -e hsfslinuxmodem (or, whatever the syntax)
>  4) rpm -i the latest 'generic' hsflinuxmodem rpm (from hsflinux modem site)
>  5) Everything compiled without errors.
>  6) hsfconfig - configured without errors
>  6) Re-added the modem (ppp) network interface, and, to my surprize, 
> ********My Connexant type modem works again! YEH!*********



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