[hsflinux] I've almost given up

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

Gentlemen, (and maybe Gentlewomen, though I haven't seen any yet),

1: I have Red Hat 7.2, much modified, with gcc3 and glibc 2.4.2-24 from
Red Hat. I'm running all this on a Compaq 700EA Presario notebook.

2: I'm running self-compiled Linux kernel 2.4.18, from kernel.org.

3: I can compile my kernel, running as su - root,  with:

- acpi patches;
- kacpi patch;
- acpi acpid-20010510;
***AND*** the acpi stuff all works
- ac97_codec patch;
***AND*** I have sound;
- David Hinds' PCMCIA userspace and modules, under which I have a Xircom
C53 PCMCIA V90 modem;
***AND*** I have PCMCIA support;
- Netfilter/iptables;
- FreeS/WAN VPN shit.
it all works.

I can more or less compile what I will, including:

- God knows how much special stuff including Exim smtp server, 
- Privoxy anti-junk proxy server, POP3 server;
- etc., etc.

However, I can not compile HSFi software to drive my built-in Connexant

The reported "fails" I have reported before.

Mark Boucher has earlier commented that the fault reported by me (and
others) is "obscure".

Well, it happens and could be checked.

Anybody (Marc?)

Day after tomorrow, Wednesday May 22nd., I commit suicide.

Le vingt deux prochain, je vais me même mourir, bien compris? 




Tony Earnshaw

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