[hsflinux] Unresolved symbols in Mandrake 8.2

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

lør, 2002-05-25 kl. 10:46 skrev Daniele Pighin:

> Hallo, I have a Presario 714EA, and tried to install the hsflinmodem drivers 
> to have the modem working.
> Anything goes fine: the device is found and recognized, the drivers are 
> installed and the entries in /dev are created.
> Still, I always get unresolved symbols when trying to load the drivers, also 
> if I compile them from sources.
> I've attached the output produced by modprobe.

> Any suggestion?
> Thanks

It's *just* possible that your problem has something to do with the
following posting. I wouldn't really know, since I'm not a code boff.

I myself have a Presario 700EA and had a basic HSFi problem until it was
solved for me last weekend. The Presario 71*EA series has an AMD
processor (mine has a Duron 869 MHz processor), which should *not* be
recognized during the install procedure, since basic kernel and module
code is written for Intel mmx processor and not for AMD. If one tells
the kernel that one has an AMD processor and requires support for it,
*many* modules, including the hsf modules, will fail with "mmx
unresolved" symbols.

The workaround is to hand-compile a 2.4.18 kernel with source from
kernel.org with Intel support and no AMD support. Nota Benissimo
Bene!!!!: For your 714EA notebook you will *have* to do this anyway. You
*have to have* ACPI power support (basic apmd power support for the
processor will *not* work with your Linux kernel). The last ACPI kernel
patches are dd 20020517, and the kacpid patch is from Thu Apr 25
02:19:32 2002. The alternative is, that your processor will burn itself
out from overheating, or that your cooling fans will fail, with the same

I don't know whether the Mandrake install procedure tries to recognize
the AMD processor and install stuff for it. *It shouldn't*. 

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