[hsflinux] Re: Orrible bug - solved possible other solution?

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

lør, 2002-05-25 kl. 19:10 skrev Ben Biggie:

> Hope this helps - (constructive) criticism welcome.

Your comments are appreciated and caused me to search for: a. What a
"Vaio" is (I now know) and b. what "AMR" is (the nearest possiblility
seems to be Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Codec, specifically related to
GSM). So I now know more than I did before I read your missive.

Problem is, that everything you write relates specifically to a Sony
notebook running a Mandrake kernel, compiled from source. At least,
that's what I glean.

All my comments are to to with Compaq Presario 71? notebooks, and 2.4.18
kernel.org source (I don't have any experience with - in my specific
case - Red Hat kernel source and have always avoided it like the pest).

My specific comments were based on my experience with suddenly deciding
to switch to AMD support (I do have an AMD processor, after all), after
previously having ignored it and having chosen Intel support. After
which, the hsfi modules wouldn't load any more. Not just these modules,
but a whole crowd of unrelated modules, i.e. all the iptables modules.
This scared the life out of me, because I didn't at first understand
why. The clue was the "mmx" bit of the unresolved symbol message.

So, Compaq 71? users running kernel.org 2.4.18-based kernels, *don't
choose AMD support if you want your Conexant Linmodem to work*




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