[hsflinux] Re: Orrible bug continued (Can't figure out how to reply on thread!)

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

søn, 2002-05-26 kl. 13:42 skrev Ben Biggie:

> Sorry to go into such pedantic detail. I post this partly in the hope
> someone will propose a more elegant solution - but I have at least managed
> to build and install an AMD optimised kernel.

> Finally, apologies (to the list) because I suspect I'm going off topic -
> maybe this should be on a kernel or Mandrake specific list.

Far as I can see, you don't need to apologize. *Many* thanks for the
detailed explanation and motivation.

One problem with this list, up to now, is that there hasn't been enough
feedback from people who've got their thing to work.

This causes, at times, Marc Boucher to sweat blood and feel obligiged to
do far too much one-on-one support work. Won't go into details, but
apart from the latter, I'd have been pig swill by now.

To others with solutions and possible points of help: do *not*
unsubscribe after your immediate problem has been solved. Firstly, you
might have another problem tomorrow; secondly, you could help others in
what is, after all, a free venture.

When I think of what I can now do with my Compaq notebook, "Especially
designed for Microsoft Windows XP", under Linux that I couldn't do with
XP, I begin to tremble. And all for "free".




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