[hsflinux] Success story!

Jerry Van Brimmer jerryvb at vei.net
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

After reading the last post I am encouraged to relate my success story.
I have a somewhat old Celeron 333 machine. 20GB WD hard drive with Win
ME installed in the first 4GB, after that Mandrake Linux 8.2 installed
in the remaining 15GB. I purchased a Sterling Communications S20 PCI
V.92 modem. After opening the box and seeing the Conexant chip on the
modem I was apprehensive about it working with Linux. After searching
the web and running across the Conexant web site I was elated to find
out that there was a Linux driver for this modem. My modem IDs as HSFi
14F1:2F00. (I can't figure out how to get the Subsystem ID though.)
Anyway I installed the Mandrake driver according to the installation
instructions. I fired up Kinternet, set up my ISP information, selected
/dev/modem as the device, and lo and behold it worked! I am really
pleased with how it works. I get consistent high connects, 40000 to
48000 almost every time. Connection is successfully completed every
time, and very rare is the connection dropped. Marc Boucher I want to
thank you for your work. You saved me from giving up on Linux. I mean
that. I was at my last straw with Linux. If that driver hadn't worked, I
was going to wipe Linux off my hard drive and never return.  Only one
thing remains for me to figure out. I can't get the modem to report the
correct connect speed. I've tried W1 & W2 on the init string, but it
still reports 115200 bps. Other than that I am thoroughly pleased with
this modem and Marc's driver. THANK YOU MARC!


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