[hsflinux] Unresolved Symbols hsfosspec.o & hsfserial.o

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

man, 2002-06-24 kl. 21:42 skrev idaksue at hotmail.com:

> >You are attempting to compile a hcf driver, though you're writing to the
> >hsf list. And that's just for starters.
> >Just what modem do you have?

> Sorry. There was explication. My Modem is an 127A 2005, (maybe HSF or HSF).

Well, Marc seems to think that it should work. Could be an HCF and could
be an HSF. However, neither driver seems to compile correctly for you. 

> HSF modules, last tar.gz downloaded, gives me: Unresolved Symbols in
> hsfosspec, hsfserial, hsfich, hsfyukon,hsfbasic2, as you can see below
> (Similar with HCF modules). Anyway, I think the problem isn't the modem or
> modem type but compilation with unresolved symbols.

> Any idea about what's the problem?

Only a guess, I'm afraid.

I don't know your machine and I have no experience at all with Debian.
However, experience from the past seems to indicate that distro kernels
sometimes don't work with these drivers. Sometimes fresh kernel.org
source is necessary, with the appropriate ACPI patches. That isn't
always so, but sometimes it is.

It also seems to have become clear that you *have* to use the same
compiler (gcc/cc) version for the HSF modules as the kernel was compiled
with. For you that's a problem, since you don't know what gcc version
Debian used for your 2.4.18 kernel. You could always ask Debian :-)

My best bet, would be to get hold of the kernel.org source, apply the
two separate ACPI patches (2.5 MB basic patches and 2 kB KACPID
interrupt patch), configure and install that kernel and only then
compile Marc's driver.

Sounds horrible, I know, as well as unfair. If you don't feel up to it,
ask a friend to help.

I've sent you the KACPID patch separately and the source for the ACPI
patches (acpi-20020517-2.4.18.diff, 2 MB) is to be found at:





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