[hsflinux] ID 14F1:2F10

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

tor, 2002-08-22 kl. 06:42 skrev Andy Cor:

Hello Andy,

> Additionaly I have some questions:

> 1. ¿Is this modem supported?
> 2. If I download the RPM for my kernel version and arch.
>      ¿How I probe that the RPM is already installed? (correctly installed)
> 3. ¿What modules are needed to open a internet conection?
> 4. ¿Where is the documentation of hsflinmodem-doc-(version).i386.rpm?
>      (the path)



>From information on the above url, it doesn't seem as if your exact
chipset is supported:

     Vendor Id         : 14F1
     Device Id         : 2F10

However, Marc might be able to tell you otherwise. You could always try

Go to http://www.mbsi.ca/cnxtlindrv/hsf/downloads-license.html to
download either Binary or source rpms - you can also download a tar.gz
version and compile and install yourself.

You'll find docs on the download page. You'll get complete instructions
for what you have to do during the installation. The modules will be
automatically installed for you.

If you'd rather have confirmation from Marc, you might have to wait a




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