[hsflinux] kernel 2.4.18 (normal) but pppd error 10..

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

fre, 2002-08-30 kl. 02:38 skrev Börkur:

> Hi I'm building a gentoo system, I recently sent a problem to this list 
> compiling the hsf driver for the Gentoo patched kernel. I realized it 
> was too much of a hassle to use that kernel so i downloaded a regular 
> 2.4.18 kernel and compiled it with ppp support (async) and i could 
> compile the driver without error's (almost anyways) and doing a wvdial 
> works, (almost) except for the fact that i get a dial but then i get an 
> error 10 from wvidal. pppd died suddenly... can anybody tell me what you 
> should compile with the kernel and what you should not compile it with. 
> Just so I'm not doing anything wrong there...

Sæll Börkur!

Don't know Gentoo Linux at all; I run Red Hat. Therefore I don't know
your libraries, what compiler you used or anything.

However, I compiled a kernel.org 2.4.18 with ACPI patches and a KACPID
kernel lost interrupt patch for my Compaq Presario 700EA and with much
help from Marc it's running the latest HSFi driver.

IIRC you can get ACPI kernel patches from http://sf.net/projects/acpi/ ,
at least you should find links there. You shouldn't need the kacpid
patch, unless you have a Compaq.

Otherwise there's nothing more modem-specific about my kernel :-)

One thing I have found out, is that you should use the same compiler for
installing the HSF driver as you used to compile the kernel. Also, I
avoid pre-compiled Red Hat kenels like the pest. I also now compile the
.tar.gz HSF drivers, since that works for me (probably not necessary).

Good luck!



Tony Earnshaw

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