[hsflinux] HSF worked originally but have ceased to function

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

tor, 2002-10-03 kl. 05:55 skrev valedaemon at att.net:

> Then the other day I installed LM 9.0 Final and again installed the hsf 
> drivers. The first time I used it, everything again worked beautifully. Then I 
> rebooted into Windows XP, connected from there, and a day later rebooted back 
> into Linux. I tried to connect... and I received the error from KPPP "Sorry, 
> the modem doesn't respond." I can hear the modem open the port and then 
> immediately cut it off.

Kernel version? hsf driver version? rpm, srpm or .tar.gz?

> I've ran "modprobe hsfserial", and I receive,
> "Hsfserial loaded, but with warnings: Module can taint kernel: non-GPL'ed 
> license." (Abbreviated)

Simply because the kernel is released under the GPL license and the hsf
driver isn't. Therefore the hsf driver is "tainted", smells. It's a
racist announcement from Linux and doesn't mean anything serious.
> Lsmod produces no kernel errors that I can see.

> Is this an irq issue?


> Or another problem I am not comprehending?

Probably. Do 'hsfstop', run 'hsfconfig' again with '--nvram' after it on
the command line and see what happens; then 'modprobe hsfserial'.

> Between the 
> successful connection and the unsuccessful ones, I had not changed anything 
> with my Linux box. I have also attempted reinstalls of the hsf rpm with no 
> success.

It was probably a judgement for daring to boot Windows. Never do that
again :->




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