[hsflinux] problems installing hsf drivers

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

lør, 2002-10-05 kl. 06:44 skrev Sonny Diaz:
> That didn't change anything. After reading some logs of the mailing list, i decided to format and install slackware 8.0 with kernel 2.2.19 because 2.4.5 doesnt seem to be very well supported. I'm still having the unreference variable errors when i run hsfconfig. they are errors concerning the scsi and usb modules, no idea why. I'm guessing my next move is to upgrade to kernel 2.4.18 which i read works for some people. Just wondering if there are any modules i should keep such as scsi, that i need for this driver? Also, if you have a working driver or more specifically the intel based kind, and are using slackware or more specifically pppd, i'd appreciate it if i can get a look at your ppscript.txt. I'm not sure i'm using the right initializing command, dialing command, modem address, etc.. etc. Thansk for any help.

What a long line.

You should definitely upgrade to kernel 2.4.18 and make sure you have
the ACPI patches. I'd advise you *not* to go to kernel 2.5.x - even Red
Hat 8.0, preview just released, comes with 2.4.18. Other than that,
obviously what Thomas wrote about the symlink is correct, your common
sense should tell you that. If you feel up to it, compile the vanilla
2.4.18 from kernel.org and the ACPI patches from Sourceforge.

Things like SCSI or USB don't have anything to do with the hsf driver -
if you don't use them, leave them out of the kenel config. F. ex. I
didn't have USB and the hsf driver worked, now I have a new Epson USB
printer and the hsf driver still works. I don't have SCSI and the hsf
driver works.

For the clarity: Compaq Presario 700EA notebook, Red Hat 7.2++++,
kernel.org 2.4.18 kernel with ACPI patches. hsf driver 5.03.03 02093000
(could be non-standard).




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