[hsflinux] Modem dies during file uploads?

Gwyn Morfey gwyn at dezyne.net
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

Hi -

I'm using drivers from hsflinmodem-5.03.03.L3mbsibeta02101001-1 on a
Sony Vaio PCG-FX950 (Intel modem, 8086:2446). It's working fine, except
that whenever I attempt to send a significant amount of data (FTP
upload, SCP upload, etc), the modem dies. It stays "connected", but
won't transmit or receive anything. The only way out is to pull out the
phone cable, wait a minute or so, then redial.

This happens every time, usually before I've shifted 100k and always
before 500k. I've tried it with two different ISPs. I'm using Mandrake
9's default kernel, and have rebuild the drivers against it.

I'm out of ideas. Can anyone help?



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