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ons, 2002-10-30 kl. 01:42 skrev emilio.gonzaga:

> As I'm tired of Windows 98 continuous crashing and as I don't want to make Mr Gates any richer, I've decided to install Linux Red Hat 7.3 as a dual boot on my pc, so I'm very new to the whole thing. As no modem was detected, I've downloaded the driver for my hsf modem. I've saved the downloaded file to a diskette, so that I can install it when I'm in Linux. Now I'm stuck as I don't know how to install the drive from my diskette to the pc!! I've tried by "mounting" the floppy disk, then tried my luck by typing "rpm -i hsflinmodem-5.03.03L3mbsibeta 02101000k2.4.18_3-1rh.i686.rpm" without success, to which I'm not surprised cause I' m not telling Linux to look in the diskette, am I?? So, how do I translate in Linux-ese:
> look in the diskette, open the above file, install it ?

Spose you saved the file to a DOS formatted diskette. You'll have to be
root to do all this, unless you've changed users' privileges, which you
probably haven't.

Go through the mount again. On a standard RH system:

mount -t msdos -o rw /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

In fact, 'mount' on linux is usually clever enough to find out the
format by itself and mounts read-write (-o rw) as standard. Do 'man
mount' in a console and it will shock you. There are many other file
formats, both Unix/Linux and DOS. Maybe you'll need vfat instead of

cd /mnt/floppy

See if you can read the floppy and your rpm is there.

ls -l

Copy the file to your harddisk, so that you have it later:

cp *rpm ~ (copy it to your home directory)

cd ~

Unmount the floppy (*always do this*, else you could possibly ruin the
files on your floppy!)

umount /dev/fd0

Then you can install the rpm, use -ivh instead of just -i.

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