[hsflinux] My modem still not working...

Antonino Daplas adaplas at pol.net
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 20:18, Daniel och Victoria wrote:
> I never got any answers to my previous mail on the list. Is there really nobody that has any clue, or is the solution just very easy and I'm stupid?
> Original message follows:

> Doesn't say me much. I fixed the diskspace problem using partition magic
> in Windows. However, after this, I haven't been able to connect using
> ifup anymore (I just get the error message "Failed to activate ppp0 with
> error 9"). Using wvdial works though, so I'm far from sure that the hsf
> drivers are the problem... 
One thing for sure, if you can still use your modem with other apps,
then its not a problem with the hsf drivers.

error 9 in glibc is "bad file descriptor" which means a process is
trying to do something to a file that:

1. does not exist anymore; or

2. has the wrong permissions.  In my system pppd has this:

-rws--xr--   1 root     super      167936 Jan 20  2001 pppd*

(Above is specific to my system)

Try to find out what kind of access is required by your application, or
what is the default permission in RH8.  It can be a permissions problem
in pppd, /dev/ppp, etc, I'm not sure.  Sorry, I'm not familiar with
Redhat and ifup, so chances are I'm way off base :-)  

Also, running as root (for testing) and doing:

strace "your_app"

may help even if you don't understand 99% of what it means.  It would
sometimes show you the point of failure.


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