[hsflinux] Re: Modem dies during file uploads?

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

tir, 2002-11-12 kl. 15:00 skrev Dan Engel:

> Sorry, perhaps you have me confused with somebody?

It's all those people called Daniel with names that could possibly be
Swedish :c) Sorry.

> The problem I'm 
> referring to is the "Modem dies during file uploads."  Although, I'm not 
> sure it's the same problem I'm seeing.  Here is the symptom:

I used to have this problem myself, with versions after the June 25th
version, but don't any longer with the new drivers. That's the point and
that's why I answered you with the result test that I carried out with
the 02110301 hsf driver, yesterday evening.

However, since my machine and kernel are most probably both different
from yours (I have a Compaq 700EA with VIA HSF and kernel.org 2.4.19
ACPI), there can be no corelation.

> Assuming that this is the same problem described in the post from Gwyn 
> Morfey, 21 Oct, the reason I wondered if it was fixed is that Marc 
> posted a message on Oct 22 that he would look into the problem when he 
> returned to the office.  I haven't seen anything since then in the 
> ChangeLog indicating any activity on it.

Looks like Marc still has to come back to the office.




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