[hsflinux] system freezes on connect with new drivers/debian 3.0

Antonino Daplas adaplas at pol.net
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

On Sat, 2002-11-23 at 02:21, James Stone wrote:
> Hi
> I have been successfully running drivers for my modem on Mandrake 8.0 
> (device: 14f1 2013) but have recently installed Debian 3 (woody).. I 
> downloaded the latest tar.gz for the hsf linmodem drivers and compiled 
> and installed them, having already compiled and installed a new kernel 
> image and modules from the 2.4.18 source.
> The modem is recognised fine and dials with wvdial.. I can hear the 
> dialtone and the number dialing but when the sound stops, the computer 
> freezes and I am forced to do a hard reset.  There is no log recorded as 
> far as I can see in syslog.  The same thing happens whether I compile 
> ppp as part of the kernel or as a module.
> Any ideas what is going on?
Load the module, don't dial yet, then do a cat /proc/interrupts.  If hsf
is sharing an IRQ with another device, this can cause system freezes. 
If it is sharing an IRQ, try moving your PCI devices around different
slots until the modem device is not sharing an IRQ with any of your
other devices.  

Theoretically, PCI devices can share IRQ lines, but reality is far from

Tony D.

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