[hsflinux] hsf driver for suse 2.4.18-64GB i686

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

fre, 2002-11-29 kl. 21:42 skrev Frank:

> Thanks for your reply.
> So the kernel isn't the limitation for that driver. It is the
> of my computer, right?

I didn't say that. I'm running a Duron K86 machine with an i686-specific
roll-your-own kernel, since a Dutch (utwente) fellow who had the same
hardware advised us all to stay off AMD specific kernels, and I've done
that ever since. Maybe, as Marc says, Red Hat has got better since then,
but twice bitten thrice shy. Red Hat doesn't even have a 2.4.19 ACPI
kernel update for i686, it just keeps on putting out 2.4.18 kernels that
prove to be buggy and then updates them.

I suppose I could try a standard Red Hat kernel, but I want a whole lot
of my own choice of mods built in; the standard Red Hat 7.2/7.3
compiler, gcc 2.96, has been condemned as useless by GNU (so I use
3.0.4), etc. etc. I compile as much of my new auxiliary stuff as
possible, avoiding rpms.

I make sure the same compiler is used for the HSF driver as the I used
for kernel and other modules by deliberately choosing the tar.gz
package, thus forcing a compile.

> I am curious what prevents that driver, written for i386 , working
with my
> i686 arch?

Dunno. Marc would have to tell you that. There's no reason a 386 kernel
shouldn't work on your 686 machine, it just wouldn't have any 686
specific kernel stuff; pity.

> Probably I have to be patient until a driver for my system comes out.
Or buy
> a real modem.

I don't know how Marc keeps up with all the different distros and
kernels, to be honest. There's not much wrong with the Conexant modem,
by the way. It does what a modem has to do and does it well and stably,
in my experience. If you had a notebook for example, you'd have to buy
an expensive one to find anything else or better (IMHO Lucent, for



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