[hsflinux] no dial tone

Andy Cooke ceeawc at cee.hw.ac.uk
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

Hi Richard,

> At what point the modem picks up the line, I can hear the dial tone
> through my computer, but the kppp program says there is no dial tone. 
> I was told to make it so that it doesn't wait for the dial tone when
> it dials, this did nothing.  Then I was told to disable the waiting
> for dial tone, ATX3.  I cannot remember the exact response I get from
> that, as I am back on windows until I can get some help, but it just
> sits there saying it is turning off the waiting for dial tone.
> Anyone know what else I can try?

I'm successfully using an hsflinux driver with redhat 8.0.  I've always
found using the modem with the various ppp programs that redhat provides
a real pain.  

However, there is a great article, which if you work through
methodically, you'll have success - basically, you'll be starting up the
pppd daemon yourself instead of trusting some program to do this for
you... have a look at:


hope it helps!

Andy Cooke

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