[hsflinux] Problem : pppd died unexpectedly

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

lør, 2002-12-28 kl. 21:22 skrev Kevin C.Zee:

> > The installation itself is successful, but whenever I try
> > to dial-up to the internet, I get the dial-up sound followed shortly
> > by the message : 'pppd died unexpectedly'.

> I doubt this will help, but I will throw it out there anyway, since noone else is.

> This happened to me, too. What error code is it returning? When I first set mine up, I was getting the pppd died message,too. After about an hour of pulling my hair out, I realized I had the wrong password in the setup. Check the basics and then check what the program's exit code is. That should tell you at least where to look.

Never let it be said that, for future users, the mail list archives
won't be interesting :-)

On a normal Linux/Unix machine, starting up or shutting down anything to
do with the kernel or network by anyone else than root/wheel (authorized
admin group) should definitely be a no-no. /usr/sbin/pppd should not be
suid root, /etc/wvdial.conf should be 0600 root:root, /usr/bin/kppp
should be 0755 root:root or root:pppusers, etc. Running any network
config succesfully as a normal user should just not be possible.

So, on the assumption that m-j is getting this on two different OSs and
kernels, I suppose the reason for pppd dying is anybody's guess.

If no traffic goes over my modem connection for 15 minutes or so, my ISP
automatically cuts the connection after 15 minutes or so, which is fine
for cheap-rate nightly downloads - I can just go to bed. But I guess
that's not what M-J is waiting to read, sorry.




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