[hsflinux] Re: cannot compile latest hsf linmodem driver - maybe gcc problem?

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

ons, 2003-01-01 kl. 03:42 skrev Hanno Böck:

> Sorry, forgot the attachement
> > I cannot compile the latest hsflinmodem driver.
> > The error output looks like it has problems with my gcc 3.2.1
> > Maybe the kernelcompiler.sh-skript doesn't detect gcc 3.2.1?

It's telling you 3 things:

1: That your kernel was compiled using gcc version 3.2.1;
2: That it cannot find gcc anywhere;
3: What to do about it.

Don't know how proficient you are in Unix or shell scripting, but if you
find (don't know what driver you installed) a HSF compile directory
called modules (I installed from the .tar.gz driver, so for me it's easy
to find) and "less" kernelcompiler.sh, you'll se it's looking for gcc
somewhere. It would be perfectly happy with gcc 3.2, but it can't find

gcc should be in /usr/bin. For example, I have 2 versions of gcc there,
gcc3 and gcc2.9.6. Ican use either, by making a symlink from the
relevant version to /usr/bin/gcc.

Whatever gcc version you use, to compile the HSF driver, it should be
the same as the version used to compile your kernel.

Hopåe this helps,



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