[hsflinux] Re: cannot compile latest hsf linmodem driver - maybe gcc problem?

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

ons, 2003-01-01 kl. 14:30 skrev Hanno Böck:

> Okay, now I know the problem.
> I'm using gentoo linux and my gcc is in
> /usr/i686-pc-linux-gnu/gcc-bin/3.2/
> The script only looks in /usr/bin, not in the full path.
> I can compile the driver now, but I think this is definitely a bug and
> should be fixed.

Debian people, Red Hat, Mandrake etc people don't complain about this. I
rather think it's a bug in Gentoo. Simply make a symlink:

/usr/i686-pc-linux-gnu/gcc-bin/3.2/gcc -> /usr/bin/gcc (do the same for
cc and c++).




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