[hsflinux] Need help with modem

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

lør, 2003-02-08 kl. 00:21 skrev Dolf Van Der Walt:

> Hello, I need help with my modem on debian. I've got a HSF modem with Vendor ID: 14F1 and Device ID: 2F12. When I run hsfconfig I get the following message:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> This package does not contain pre-built modules suitable for your system:
> Distribution: Debian 3.0
> Kernel Architecture: i686
> Kernel Version: Linux -2.2.20
> Please obtain a appropriate variant of this package for your system or try the generic RPM or TAR version.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Now the driver I used was the  hsflinmodem-5.03.27mbsibeta02122600.tar.gz generic driver, so has anyone got any ideas?

Probably your kernel version. You should have a recent 2.4 kernel, with
ACPI (not APM) support.




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