[hsflinux] please help HSF driver

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

På su , 27/04/2003 klokka 22:17, skreiv Nhon C. Doan:

> Entering PPP mode.
> Async interface address is unnumbered (Loopback0)
> Your IP address is MTU is 1500 bytes

Your modem is working o.k.

Looks like your ISP isn't sending you an IP number. Mine sends me a
static IP number and mask based on my system name.

Your ISP should either send you a static or dynamic number, or you can
enter one into wvdial.conf with "Force", do 'man wvdial' to see where
and how. Also, /etc/resolv.conf should contain the IP number of the name
server your ISP has told you to use - otherwise the Internet won't work
for you, either. That's if you aren't running your own caching name

Read the documentation that your ISP has sent you to make doubly sure
you are doing things /his/ way.



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