[hsflinux] HSF module load errors

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

tor, 29.05.2003 kl. 05.00 skrev jcreamer at att.net:

> 	FYI... I have a similar problem with re-installing the previously working
> dazuko module (for AntiVir). The dazuko development folks seem to indicate a
> significant kernel architecture change beginning with 2.4.20.x and higher which
> is forcing dazuko folks to work on patches since even compiling their module
> along with the kernel (a previous RH9 hack) doesn't really work now either.  
> Any suggestions? Ideas? (other than don't use an HSF modem...)

No suggestions, simply a comment:

I'm usually one of those who adopts "new software" (Unix and Linux
alike) as soon as stable release versions have been confirmed by others
(I'm a coward, too :)

However, I've read so much negative about RH 9.0 and kernel 2.4.20 and
getting custom things to work, that I've stuck at much modified RH 7.2
and a custom kernel.org 2.4.19/ACPI. I'm totally dependent on my single
notebook at the moment, with its HSF modem. Things were otherwise when I
had access to a Xircom Linmodem PCMCIA card (driver by David Hines);
then I had "belt and braces", could use either. However, I've given the
Xircom card back to its owner.

Perhaps you could compile a kernel.org 2.4.19/ACPI kernel.org kernel
parallel to your 2.4.20, see what happens - boot on either. I keep a
couple of old kernel versions to boot on - if anything goes wrong ...



Tony Earnshaw

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