[hsflinux] can't fax

Linuxant support support at linuxant.com
Wed Jan 14 12:36:32 EST 2004


the fax functionality requires the full version of the modem driver with a
valid license key.

Verify to make sure that you have the latest HSF driver package (currently
6.03.00lnxt03122800) by running "hsfconfig --info". You can download it from
the following address.


You will then need to acquire a license from our web store to unlock the
full features of the driver.



Jean-Simon Durand
Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

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Subject: [hsflinux] can't fax

i have a hsf modem installed in my redhat 9.0 machine. I can connect to
internet through it but can't fax when issue command below

efax -ve -vi -t 9,26988582 <file_name>

These are the error i get

[root at eMaklum log]# efax -ve -vi -t 9,26988582 faxtosent.txt
efax: Wed Jan 14 18:31:11 2004 efax v 0.9 Copyright 1999 Ed Casas
efax: Wed Jan 14 18:31:11 2004 efax v 0.9 Copyright 1999 Ed Casas
efax: 31:11 compiled Jan 24 2003 18:39:23
efax: 31:11 opened /dev/modem
efax: 31:12 Error: can't determine fax modem class support
efax: 31:12 failed -> faxtosent.txt
efax: 31:12 done, returning 3 (invalid modem response)

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