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Tue Jan 20 08:20:21 EST 2004

No the modem is only for data with the free driver, and both data and fax with the full driver.

>>> <fchabaud at free.fr> 19/01/04 18h36 >>>
Le 19 Jan, SYLVAIN MOINE a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm SYlvain MOINE.
> I've just buy a Conexant HSF modem. I purchase the full driver licence yesterday.
> After setup all is working fine.
> I've just one question about the modem.
> There is 2 RJ11 ports on it. Does it means that I can connect my modem with 2 phone lines, or the second port is used for security (firts port crashing done ?)


Is your modem doing voice ? If so, maybe the second RJ11 is for plugging
a phone mic-speaker. 

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