[hsflinux] PPPD Died on Error code 15

Linuxant support (Jean-Simon) support at linuxant.com
Mon Feb 2 13:04:34 EST 2004


which PPP dialer are you using? Did you specify "/dev/modem" as the modem
device? Do you have a log of the connection attempt? Kppp has an option to
get a log window during the connection. If you use the network configuration
tool under RedHat or wvdial, you should look at '/var/log/messages'.

I suggest using this initialization string:

AT &F +ER=1; +DR=1

Also, make sure that the driver modules are loaded before trying to dial.
You can do so by opening a root shell and running "modprobe /dev/ttySHSF".
Once your PPP client is configured properly, you should not need to load the
modules manually before dialing.

It is usefull to test with a terminal software like 'minicom' to see if the
problem is related to the PPP software's connection script or the modem.


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support at linuxant.com

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how do i fix an error code 15.......i go into launch video's........and it
says error code 15....is it my computer or the program itself

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