[hsflinux] caller-id support isn't working? (CHANGES says that ther is support in driver)

Georgi Stanojevski georgis at unet.com.mk
Tue Feb 3 23:06:57 EST 2004


I have
- Rockwell/Conexant modem (00:0a.0 Class 0000: 127a:2005)
- hsfmodem-6.03.00lnxt04011900full (FREE licence)

- I'm from Macedonia(I select it with hsfconfig) and I think that 
  the caller-id protocol here is V.23 FSK.

The modem works fine but I don't seem to get caller-id out off it.

The CHANGES file says that on "Sun Aug 24 2003" Caller-ID support was

I try AT&F and then AT+VCID=1, but I only get RING, RING, RING.

The same at-sequence in windows gets me the caller-id info after the first

Maybe this a restriction in the FREE version?

The perfect OS, MS-DOS! 
No patches, no root exploits for 21 years.

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