[hsflinux] caller-id support isn't working? (CHANGES says that theris support in driver)

Georgi Stanojevski georgi1 at unet.com.mk
Wed Feb 4 00:59:51 EST 2004

На 03 фев 2004 (вторник), Linuxant support (Jean-Simon) напиша:

> it is not a restriction in the free version.
> It might be related to the RELAYS/FLAGS settings in the '/etc/hsfmodem/nvm'
> directory. If you send us your windows driver, we will be able to compare
> the parameters.

The driver is Conexant generic and it comes with WindowsXP. It's probably
the same as this one http://www.conexant.com/support/files/HSFp_WinXP.zip

I don't understand what do you want me to send? Could you please be more 

Well on the other hand I tried to figure out what did you want me to 
send? This is what I did, maybe it helps

I used the nvm/cvtinf.pl script from the lin-driver source.

The only file that I found and thought it would be of some kind of 
help is WINDOWS/inf/oem3.inf with Conexant modem specs.

I executed the script and the output directory from the script is on the
link below, I didn't want to attach it to the list.     


and the original oem3.inf file

Thank you. :)

> ------ 
> I have
> - Rockwell/Conexant modem (00:0a.0 Class 0000: 127a:2005)
> - hsfmodem-6.03.00lnxt04011900full (FREE licence)
> - I'm from Macedonia(I select it with hsfconfig) and I think that
>   the caller-id protocol here is V.23 FSK.
> The modem works fine but I don't seem to get caller-id out off it.
> The CHANGES file says that on "Sun Aug 24 2003" Caller-ID support was
> added.
> I try AT&F and then AT+VCID=1, but I only get RING, RING, RING.
> The same at-sequence in windows gets me the caller-id info after the first
> Maybe this a restriction in the FREE version?

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