[hsflinux] can't receive a FAX (mgetty waits for CONNECT)

Lipovitan.B3 at gmx.net Lipovitan.B3 at gmx.net
Tue Feb 24 17:39:47 EST 2004

Hi there,

I've just bought a license for the drivers because they're supposed to
support FAX. But when I start mgetty with "mgetty -F /dev/ttySHSF0" for fax only
nothing happens. If I start "mgetty /dev/ttySHSF0" I'm getting the following:

02/24 16:50:35 SF0  waiting...
02/24 16:50:45 SF0  wfr: waiting for ``RING''
02/24 16:50:45 SF0  send: ATA[0d]
02/24 16:50:45 SF0  waiting for ``CONNECT''
02/24 16:51:35 SF0  found action string: ``NO CARRIER''
02/24 16:51:35 ##### failed A_FAIL dev=ttySHSF0, pid=1606, caller='none',
', name=''

I've tried to use faxgetty from hylafax, but the result is similar to mgetty
with the -F option

Any Ideas?

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