[hsflinux] (with ref to my previous msg) kppp works well now, but ppd dies with error code 10

Harish Gopala harish_ait at fastmail.fm
Sat Mar 13 18:55:40 EST 2004

With reference to my previous message, I have this to say. I read
Antonino Daplas's message ``system freezes on connect with new
drivers/debian 3.0'' where he says ``with the modem in one of the PCI
slots, install the appropriate rpm package and try it out, if it doesnt
work, then shutdown, change the modem to a different PCI slot and try
again. This needs to be done till IRQs are not shared''. Well, for me,
initially when I had installed a USRobotics 5660A modem in the first PCI
slot, it was not sharing IRQs with any other device, but after installing
the rpm and setting up an account with kppp and dialing, my computer used
to freeze, recoverable only by a hardware reset. But after reading
Antonio's message, I put my modem in the second PCI slot (even though
this shares an IRQ with my display card) and tried kppp, it dials
perfectly and what more, no freezing! But sadly, pppd dies with error
code 10 while the kppp message says ``Logging on to network''. I donot
know why this is the case. Sure I read the pppd manpage, where it says
error 10 means even IP was unable to be setup. An idea that I am having
right now is this: while setting up my kppp account, I had checked the
``Disable all existing DNS servers'' or some such. But since I have my
ISP's DNS server names/numbers, I will put that in and see what happens.
Atleast, the computer is not freezing now. This ext3 filesystem is a
terrific thing, dont have to do the scary ``e2fsck'' anymore.
  Harish Gopala
  harish_ait at fastmail.fm

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