[hsflinux] modem hangs/reboots computer on incoming call

Orestes Mas orestes at tsc.upc.es
Mon Apr 26 14:47:41 EDT 2004


I'm using the full version of the HSF modem driver in a HP-Compaq Evo
N800v, on a Linux 2.4.25 stock kernel with Con Kolivas' patches.

The modem works well, but when I receive an incoming call during an 
established sesssion, the modem suddenly hangs or reboots the computer.
This not happened when I was using the beta version of the modem, before
purchasing the "stable" version some weeks ago.

I'm from Spain, and here the telephon company sends some "incoming call"
signal which could be the origin of the problem, but hanging the machine
isn't the most elegant way to handle this signal, is it?

Is this a known issue with any existent workaround?


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